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What happened this week 08/03/2021-13/03/2021


I would like to summarize this week’s blog post.

Monday 08/03/2021

Regional economy trend

A weakness is seen in a part nationwide while I am in the still severe situation under the influence of a new coronavirus infectious disease although the movement of the improvement continues.

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Tuesday 09/03/2021

Management diagnosis

I recommend that I make a company’s management diagnosis on thinking about business succession.
Management consulting Support System
In comparison with companies of the whole country, I come to be able to perform the next management plan appropriately by knowing how becomes the company’s financing situation.

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Wednesday 10/03/2021

Weak point of the business

What has the weak point of the business that you perform?
You are more likely to do well at M&A to perform from now on by understanding the weak point of the business.

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Thursday 11/03/2021

Examination problem digitization

It is necessary for you to improve the keeping accounting books.
The improvement of the keeping accounting books visualizes business condition as well as the securing of appropriate tax practice report and is important in improving response capabilities of the management.

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Friday 12/03/2021

For realization of Kyushu, Nagasaki IR

It is IR business with many problems, but the influence to give regional economy is big.
The economy activation in Nagasaki is very important, but ,for the Kyushu economy activation, the strong leadership is necessary.

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Saturday 13/03/2021

Xserver Business partner

In March, 2021, we became Xserver business partner.
Our company provides support for a customer needing support other than the standard support of Xserver company after the follow until a contract and the contract.

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