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What happened this week 01/03/2021-06/03/2021


I would like to summarize this week’s blog post.

Monday 01/03/2021

Domestic investment promotion business for supply chain measures

The production base is the core of manufacturing Japan.
By establishing production bases in Japan, the technology can be handed down firmly without interrupting the supply chain, and domestic employment can be secured.
From price competitiveness to comprehensive competitiveness such as quality and added value.

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Tuesday 02/03/2021

A person who can deeply embody the idea of positive and negative can take over the times.

Taking over and continuing the business is to connect the times.
The person who succeeds the business is a greedy and irrational person.
A person who overcomes contradictions.
It is an important factor required of a business successor.

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Wednesday 03/03/2021

Let’s make a company’s fault clear.

When we think about the business transfer to an outsidery, let’s pick out a fault of the business.
I succeed business without the claimant to an outsidery in family.
It is the first step to the business transfer success to an outsidery to make a fault clear.

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Thursday 04/03/2021

I did not need sealing at a tax office window.

An electronic tax filing spreads in the tax office.
The promotion of the electronic tax filing that utilized my number card will be carried out more strongly.

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Friday 05/03/2021

Nagasaki prefectural government office launches business continuation support.

It is the support project that followed Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry that Nagasaki prefectural government office performs.
If it is the prefecture company corresponding to a standard of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, it seems to become targeted for receipt.
As the application becomes each municipality, please confirm the information of a city hall, the town office.

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Saturday 06/03/2021

YEG National Convention in Happy Sabae,Fukui

Young Entrepreneurs Group National Convention
I was going to participate in a national convention in Sabae-city, Fukui.
However, it became the WEB holding under the influence of a COVID-19.

Discover Tomorrow happy fukui

The cause of the happiness
to continue
happy fukui
Sabae convention

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