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What happened this week 15/03/2021-20/03/2021


I would like to summarize this week’s blog post.

Monday 15/03/2021

I showed it from a subsidy, the grant of the corona evil.

The president of about 80% of the Japanese medium and small-sized business does not know the monthly sales of own company.

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Tuesday 16/03/2021

Role of the M&A in the business succession.

It is important to perform after having ascertained a characteristic or the environment of the company concerned to push forward M&A early and smoothly.
Time is necessary for business succession and the M&A.
It is the key to success that pushes it forward at the time of situation well.

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Wednesday 17/03/2021

M&A of the medium and small-sized business.

The M&A of the small company has the same basics as the M&A of the big company a medium and small-sized business, too.
I do not make a great difference only by a transfer price being different in each case.

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Thursday 18/03/2021

Income to include to business income.

When I calculate business income, the amount of money to include to an income is the income that operation causes.
The income is included in the income that I will receive from an accompaniment act when I perform not only the income by the original operation of the contract value when I offered labor by sales and a contract contract when I sold a product, a product but also the business.

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Friday 19/03/2021

About the furtherance business start by the Nagasaki local future investment promotion fund business.

Occupy the field of of three to establish in the basic plan that Nagasaki devised based on local future investment promotion law and the constant ratio of this prefectural manufacturing industry, and people of medium and small-sized business in the prefecture keep a strength of Nagasaki alive as the field of support important point in the field of of four that put the fields of characteristic industrial one food manufacturing industry that there is of this prefecture together; and about innovation of the management and an approach founding by the furtherance business support it.
In this way, I aim at the industrial creation and accumulation to pull this prefectural economy.

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Saturday 20/03/2021

Japan Boat Show 2021

The Malin event “Japan international boat show” becoming highest possible reaches the 60th in Japan in this year and “sea, here features the theme of the entrance of the dream” and holds it in April.
The pressure to a super yacht wants you to continue as marine prefecture, Nagasaki.

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Japan Boat Show 2021

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